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IT Infrastructure Engineer


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This site is an online version of my
Curriculum Vitae; developed to give recruiters a full and in-depth look at my capabilities, passion and ambitions. It goes far beyond the realms of one’s standard two sides of A4. I cover many projects, both curricular and extra-curricular, that I have undertaken.

If you are seeking a professional, dedicated & enthusiastic person to join your team, look no further.

I am actively seeking a new position in an organisation that can offer a challenging and rewarding role in the remit of IT infrastructure, architecture and implementation.

Once described as "A Geek with a personality", in return you will find a dedicated and enthusiastic employee, one who simply does not understand the phrase “not possible!”



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Ten years in IT and learning every day...



Total Package Negotiation

  • Contract Rate: £450 per day, with an initial term of 5 months.
  • Permanent basic rate £65,000 per annum.

Flexible Working - The Future

My target Organisation appreciates the many advantages of "flexible working"; acknowledging the home working environment is an efficient and effective workplace. Modern communication methods renders the daily commute a thing of the past. Why waste uncomfortable time on public transport or in the car, that can be better spent serving the needs of the customer; effectively reducing the time difference between offices around the globe.

Without a fixed office desk, corporate overheads are reduced and at the same time, reduces the burden on over-stretched public services and arguably helps the environment.

The Role

To date, I have been lucky enough to find no two days the same which has led to a varied and wide skill set. I understand, as my career progresses, I shall have to say goodbye to some of those skills and hone in on and specialise in a given area. Not withstanding, past experiences will always proove invaluable in providing a sound foundation to decsisions.

At this point in time, I see my career can take one of several roads. Considering my prooven engineering skills, I see three possible directions:

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Whether it be Citrix XenDesktop, VMWare Horizon or Microsoft RDS, each technology should be considered in any proposal. The realm of VDI also lends itself to keeping a hand in more than one work space.

  • Virtualisation and Storage

    From early on in my career, I have been heavily envolved in the design and implementation of VMWare ESX and its associated shared storage - both HP and NetApp. Albeit, my current role has been lacking in this area, I have kept abreast of developments, by running the foundation of my own home lab with ESXi 5.5 and more recently an instance of Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2.

  • Technical Authoring

    I appear to be in a minority when it comes to documentation and although I am no author, technical writing and authoring is something that appeals. All things considered, I have an exceptional command of the English language, coupled with the ability to disect complex senarios into bit-sized morsels and tranfering this onto paper in words or diagrams.

    Imagin explaining to an alien how to tie a show lace with only words!

    With a background in Engineering Design and web development skills, the user manual may never be the same again. I hope you will agree that this site and my blog are testiment to this.

    Scripting is another passion of mine. With the advent of Microsoft's PowerShell, I am now a true convert, gradually converting my VBScript' library to PowerShell. The only job role I can think of that would soley use this skill would be "Automation" and therefore I understand scripting is more a tool of my trade as opposed to my trade. Whether it be Exchange, XenApp or ESX, if I have to do it more than once, I script it.

    One project that I am most proud of is the automation of my current employer's monitoring stations. A series of five banks of four monitors, connected to Windows 7 thin clients start up, automatically logging in and loading the requested monitoring tool. The PowerShell script reads a single XML file, responsible for holding the highly-customisable settings for all the screens. Features include, auto-signin auto-refresh, screen rotation and loading of Citrix Published Apps.


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